Wednesday, November 9, 2016 Election Day Recap

With Election Day officially behind us, we thought we’d take a moment to recap how some of the key races in North Carolina turned out (or in a few cases, how they are likely to turn out). There’s an unbelievable amount of information to sift through and process before we can draw deeper conclusions, so we’ll save that for another day. Top line takeaways are that Republicans will control the White House, US Senate, and US House, and will maintain their supermajorities in the NC House and NC Senate, though the Governor’s Mansion could be occupied by a Democrat. Please note that there are a handful of races that are still “too close to call” despite a winner being listed because the State Board of Elections must complete its certification process — counting provisional and absentee ballots, conducting canvasses and recounts, etc. — before officially declaring a winner. Without further ado, here are your federal and state election winners:

Federal Elections
Seat Incumbent Winner
President Obama Trump
US Senate Burr Burr
House 1 Butterfield Butterfield
House 2 Ellmers Holding
House 3 Jones Jones
House 4 Price Price
House 5 Foxx Foxx
House 6 Walker Walker
House 7 Rouzer Rouzer
House 8 Hudson Hudson
House 9 Pittenger Pittenger
House 10 McHenry McHenry
House 11 Meadows Meadows
House 12 Adams Adams
House 13 Holding Budd


NC Council of State
Seat Incumbent Winner
Governor McCrory Cooper*
Lt. Governor Forest Forest
Attorney General Cooper Stein
State Auditor Wood Wood*
Comm. of Agriculture Troxler Troxler
Comm. of Insurance Goodwin Causey
Comm. of Labor Berry Berry
Sec. of State Marshall Marshall
Superintendent of Public Instruction Atkinson Johnson
State Treasurer Cowell Folwell

*Subject to Recount, if Requested


NC House
Seat Incumbent Winner
House 1 Steinburg Steinburg
House 2 Yarborough Yarborough
House 3 Speciale Speciale
House 4 Dixon Dixon
House 5 Hunter Hunter
House 6 Tine Boswell
House 7 Richardson Richardson
House 8 Martin Martin*
House 9 Murphy Murphy
House 10 Bell Bell
House 11 Hall Hall
House 12 Graham Graham
House 13 McElraft McElraft
House 14 Cleveland Cleveland
House 15 Shepard Shepard
House 16 Millis Millis
House 17 Iler Iler
House 18 Hamilton Hamilton
House 19 Davis Davis
House 20 Grange Grange
House 21 Bell Bell
House 22 Brisson Brisson
House 23 Willingham Willingham
House 24 Farmer-Butterfield Farmer-Butterfield
House 25 Collins Collins
House 26 Daughtry White
House 27 Wray Wray
House 28 Langdon Strickland
House 29 Hall Hall
House 30 Luebke ???
House 31 Michaux Michaux
House 32 Baskerville Garrison
House 33 Gill Gill
House 34 Martin Martin
House 35 Malone Malone
House 36 Dollar Dollar
House 37 Stam Hunt-Williams
House 38 Holley Holley
House 39 Jackson Jackson
House 40 Avila John*
House 41 Adcock Adcock
House 42 Lucas Lucas
House 43 Floyd Floyd
House 44 Richardson Richardson
House 45 Szoka Szoka
House 46 Waddell Jones
House 47 Graham Graham
House 48 Pierce Pierce
House 49 Pendleton Ball
House 50 Meyer Meyer
House 51 Salmon Sauls
House 52 Boles Boles
House 53 Lewis Lewis
House 54 Reives Reives
House 55 Brody Brody
House 56 Insko Insko
House 57 Harrison Harrison
House 58 Sgro Quick
House 59 Hardister Hardister
House 60 Brockman Brockman
House 61 Faircloth Faircloth
House 62 Blust Blust
House 63 Ross Ross
House 64 Riddell Riddell
House 65 Jones Jones
House 66 Goodman Goodman
House 67 Burr Burr
House 68 Horn Horn
House 69 Arp Arp
House 70 Hurley Hurley
House 71 Terry Terry
House 72 Hanes Hanes
House 73 Zachary Zachary
House 74 Conrad Conrad
House 75 Lambeth Lambeth
House 76 Ford Ford
House 77 Warren Warren
House 78 McNeill McNeill
House 79 Howard Howard
House 80 Watford Watford
House 81 Brown Potts
House 82 Pittman Pittman
House 83 Johnson Johnson
House 84 Turner Turner
House 85 Dobson Dobson
House 86 Blackwell Blackwell
House 87 Robinson Hall
House 88 Bryan Belk
House 89 Setzer Setzer
House 90 Stevens Stevens
House 91 Hall Hall
House 92 Moore Beasley
House 93 Jordan Jordan
House 94 Elmore Elmore
House 95 Fraley Fraley
House 96 Adams Adams
House 97 Saine Saine
House 98 Bradford Bradford
House 99 Moore Moore
House 100 Cotham Autry
House 101 Earle Earle
House 102 Carney Carney
House 103 Brawley Brawley
House 104 Bishop Dulin
House 105 Stone Stone
House 106 Cunningham Cunningham
House 107 Alexander Alexander
House 108 Torbett Torbett
House 109 Bumgardner Bumgardner
House 110 Hastings Hastings
House 111 Moore Moore
House 112 Rogers Rogers
House 113 Whitmire Henson
House 114 Fisher Fisher
House 115 Ager Ager
House 116 Turner Turner
House 117 McGrady McGrady
House 118 Presnell Presnell
House 119 Queen Clampitt*
House 120 West Corbin

*Subject to Recount, if Requested


NC Senate
Seat Incumbent Winner
Senate 1 Cook Cook
Senate 2 Sanderson Sanderson
Senate 3 Smith-Ingram Smith-Ingram
Senate 4 Bryant Bryant
Senate 5 Davis Davis
Senate 6 Brown Brown
Senate 7 Pate Pate
Senate 8 Rabon Rabon
Senate 9 Lee Lee
Senate 10 Jackson Jackson
Senate 11 Newton Horner
Senate 12 Rabin Rabin
Senate 13 Smith Britt
Senate 14 Blue Blue
Senate 15 Alexander Alexander
Senate 16 Chaudhuri Chaudhuri
Senate 17 Barringer Barringer*
Senate 18 Barefoot Barefoot
Senate 19 Meredith Meredith
Senate 20 McKissick McKissick
Senate 21 Clark Clark
Senate 22 Woodard Woodard
Senate 23 Foushee Foushee
Senate 24 Gunn Gunn
Senate 25 McInnis McInnis
Senate 26 Berger Berger
Senate 27 Wade Wade
Senate 28 Robinson Robinson
Senate 29 Tillman Tillman
Senate 30 Randleman Randleman
Senate 31 Krawiec Krawiec
Senate 32 Lowe Lowe
Senate 33 Bingham Dunn
Senate 34 Brock Brock
Senate 35 Tucker Tucker
Senate 36 Hartsell Newton
Senate 37 Jackson Jackson
Senate 38 Ford Ford
Senate 39 Rucho Rucho
Senate 40 Waddell Waddell
Senate 41 Tarte Tarte
Senate 42 Wells Wells
Senate 43 Harrington Harrington
Senate 44 Curtis Curtis
Senate 45 Ballard Ballard
Senate 46 Daniel Daniel
Senate 47 Hise Hise
Senate 48 Edwards Edwards
Senate 49 Van Duyn Van Duyn
Senate 50 Davis Davis

*Subject to Recount, if Requested


Freshmen Members include:

Beverly Boswell (R – House 6) replacing Paul Tine (U)

Donna McDowell White (R – House 26) replacing Leo Daughtry (R)

Larry Strickland (R – House 28) replacing J. H. Langdon (R)

Linda Hunt-Williams (R- House 37) replacing Paul “Skip” Stam (R)

Joe John (D – House 40) defeating incumbent Marilyn Avila (R)

Brenden Jones (R – House 46) replacing Ken Waddell (D)

Cynthia Ball (D – House 49) defeating incumbent Gary Pendleton (R)

John Sauls (R – House 51) defeating incumbent Brad Salmon (D)

Amos Quick (D – House 58) replacing Chris Sgro (D)

Larry Potts (R – House 81) replacing Rayne Brown (R)

Destin Hall (R – House 87) replacing George Robinson (R)

Mary Belk (D – House 88) defeating incumbent Rob Bryan (R)

Chaz Beasley (D – House 92) replacing Justin Moore (R)

John Autry (D – House 100) replacing Tricia Cotham (D)

Andy Dulin (R – House 104) replacing Dan Bishop (R)

Cody Henson (R – House 113) replacing Chris Whitmire (R)

Mike Clampitt (R – House 119) defeating incumbent Joe Sam Queen (D)

Kevin Corbin (R – House 120) replacing Roger West (R)

Rick Horner (R – Senate 11) replacing Buck Newton (R)

Danny Earl (J. R.) Britt (R – Senate 13) defeating incumbent Jane Smith (D)

Cathy Dunn (R – Senate 33) replacing Stan Bingham (R)

Paul Newton (R – Senate 36) replacing Fletcher Hartsell (R)